I once saw this on the Internet: talking about a body shape and appearance quietly falling in love with a handsome guy. But the handsome man has already had a sweetheart. A handsome man wants to kill her and doesn't want to make this innocent girl. So the handsome guy jokingly said: "you are a very special girl, but if you can shape a new self, I think, I may fall in love with you." At that time, a Korean drama was on the air. The heroine captured his prince charming through plastic surgery. This grey duckling girl also takes the handsome man's words seriously. Her focus has shifted to slimming and plastic surgery. And the degree is almost abnormal. Unfortunately, the girl developed a systemic infection during a cosmetic operation. The girl has been close to the beauty of the bright, but the serious infection has also made it to the end. The dying girl wants to meet the handsome man at last. But at this time, the handsome man is on the most brilliant page of his life, marrying his bride with a grand wedding. Of course, it is impossible for him to escape to the hospital to see a girl who is not very important to him at such a time. The girl's point is that she died for the one who has been happy, but the man who is stubborn can't come to have a last look. Such a girl once made a mess of many little girls who had never been involved in the world, and everyone was willing to shed a handful of tears.